Islet Remix EP out today, 9/29/2016

A little over an year ago, Peptalk released debut album. It was our attempt to imagine what the music of an unknown exotic world would be, Then, we asked our close musical friends and family to do remixes that reflect their personal ideas of exotica, their sense of an unknown world.

It was not only exciting for me to hear their interpretation of an exotic world, but also to imagine what sounds occupied their minds when creating the soundtrack to their fantasy utopia/dystopia. I wanted to play the "telephone game" of theme songs to this unknown world. 

Hope you enjoy it.

Xiu Xiu // Twin Peaks Spring Tour Announced

La Xiu Twin Peaks hits Europe again in Spring 2016
Here is a video of some deep cut songs and details below!

Sun 3rd April - The Hague, NL - Rewire Festival
Mon 4th April - Duisburg, DE - Grammatikoff
Tue 5th April - Cologne, DE - Stadtgarten
Wed 6th April - Istanbul, TK - Salon IKSV…/xiu-xiu-plays-the-music-of-twin-…
Fri 8th April - Paris, FR - Centre Pompidou
Sat 9th April - Brugge, BE, More Music!
Tue 12th April - Hamburg, DE - Kampnagel
Wed 13th April - Copenhagen, DK - Jazzhouse
Thu 14th April - Malmo, SE - Inkonst
Fri 15th April - Berlin, DE - Silent Green

Happy New Year 2016!

Here comes 2016, the year of the monkey. We made it!
2015 was full of surprises and adventures...Peptalk's debut album release, Xiu Xiu Twin Peaks Tour, Endangered Human Movements...and many more.

Special thanks to Home Assembly Music, Nada Productions, Xiu Xiu, Peptalk, my friends, and so many other people.

Looking forward to 2016!
I'm currently working on a lot of music and hope to share with you very soon.
Please stay tuned for:
Xiu Xiu Twin Peaks album and tours
Peptalk remix album and new music
Endangered Human Movements vol.2 - Dance & Resistance
....and much more...


Peptalk - Islet out today

I always dreamed of making an album that transported me to an unknown place. It can be a happy place or not. Just somewhere unfamiliar with possibilities for surprises. Lately, it's getting more difficult to day dream of the unknown for a person who has an insatiable appetite for information and knowledge like myself. Stories, images, and sounds are easy to find for the curious, truth-seeking, and wiki-obsessed mind. When is the last time you imagined what a place is like? How it will sound? How can I let my mind drift away and let it build the landscape of a world that may or may not exist? It's ok to be wrong. 
Islet is my love letter to the unknown.

Thank you Mikey and Angelica for being the Peptalk dream team. 
Celia Dunkelman (mother) for recording organ beautifully and being that person you are. Thanks to Ava Mendoza, Maryclare Brzytwa, Courtney Orlando, Mike Gurfield, Doug Balliett, Zeena Parkins, and Matt Marks for sharing your talent. 
Thank you Lawson White and Matthew Patterson Curry for recording and mastering. 
Thanks to Home Assembly Music and Barrie for caring about music. 
Thank you Kevin Shea Adams for the countless photo favors. 
Sara Wintz, Thank you for translating my thoughts to beautiful words.

Available on vinyl or digital