"The BMfB is the youngest ministry in Austria, and so far the only one of its kind in the world. In its current form the ministry has existed since June 8, 2009. Its responsibilities extend to funding, cultivating and fostering all forms of free movement of bodies in space."  - from BMfB Website

In 2014, choreographer Amanda Pina and visual artist Daniel Zimmerman, who are the co-founders of the Ministry of Movement Affairs invited me to join their team to become their music advisor. We are now working on a new piece called  Endangered Human Movements, exploring the physical language found in various rituals and cultures that are vanishing due to modern socio-economical issues. This piece is scheduled to premiere in 2015 in Vienna, Austria. I will be composing the music using an arsenal of percussive instruments and electronics. Stay tuned for more news.  

Ministry of Movement Affairs Website