I offer Drum/Percussion/electro-acoustic integration lessons. All levels. Please go to contact if interested.

I’ve been a teacher for over 15 years. Despite my demanding schedule, I always try to find time to connect with students because education is something I feel very passionate about. Whether you want to be a professional musician or not does not matter because learning enriches your life regardless. If you’re interested in learning basic/advanced drums and percussion techniques, general musicianship, incorporating electronic sounds to drumming, or composing, please reach out.
I welcome both short and long-term students and have a percussion studio in Brooklyn with audio equipment.

30 Second rythms
by Tom TOm x Reverb.com

I’ve recently teamed up with Tom Tom Mag and Reverb.com to create a unique series of short drum lessons.

In this first video, I break down a quick beat that explores a change of feel and meter. Begin in 4/4 meter, with two bars of a 16th-note beat, then two bars of a quarter note beat, back to two bars of the 16th-note beat. This is topped off with a fill in 3/4. Utilizing techniques like this can add dynamics and texture to your playing.


From Reverb:

  • Our mission here at Reverb is to make the world a more musical place. To us, this means not only building a marketplace where musicians all around the world can buy and sell all kinds of music and music gear, but also fostering a community where musicians are empowered to learn and explore their instruments further. Luckily for the music world, we're far from alone in this mission.

    Our friends over at Tom Tom Magazine have been dedicated to supporting and fostering a community of female and gender non-conforming drummers, producers, and beatmakers since the publication's founding in 2009. In the past year, we have collaborated with the Tom Tom team on 30 Second Rhythms, an ongoing series of 30-second instructional drumming videos that have been published on both Reverb’s and Tom Tom's Instagram accounts.